Welcome to MetroxGroup
When two aspiring visionaries decided to take their fashion for dolce vita to an entirely new level by founding PT Metrox Lifestyles (MetroxGroup) in 2004, the terms 'life' and 'styles' were barely coming together.

Today less than a decade later, MetroxGroup has become on of the fastest growing, nimble, highly spirited and forward thinking organization with more tha 278 points of sales, 20 brands and three office in Indonesia, Singapore and China. In fact we even have 'lifestyles' in our last name.
The Founder
FREDDIE BEH - Chief Creative Officer
As the founder of MetroxGroup, Freddie boasts extensive experience in retail industry at international level. This amalgamates cohesively with his passion in fashion and lifestyle, helping realize his vision of transforming MetroxGroup into a prominent player with incessant passion for what it does best. He is in charge of front office and business development responsibilities.
Business Ethic and Philosophy
In doing business, MetroxGroup has always believed in fairness and mutual benefits to all of its employees, business associates and shareholders. It aims for profitable businesses providing value to its customers and at the same time providing job opportunities and career enhancement for its employees. MetroxGroup is not a follower but a trend setter, a forward looking entity that looks beyond the conventional market.
Vision and Mission
To be an industry leader that focuses on differentiated lifestyle in Indonesia and one of top three players in Asia.

To capitalize on the opportunities spurred by the growing economy and increasing disposable income of the middle class in Indonesia as well as Asia.
To continuously expand market reach, initially to regional markets accross Asia.
To continuously expand brand portfolio including lifestyle brands.
To deliver product that statiate consumer's desire for style and luxury.