Kohai presents comfortable silhouettes especially crafted for kids age 5-12 years old. This collection was born upon the requests of Wakai lovers. Presented in colorful design and cheerful pattern, Kohai remarks the energetic young juniors fun spirit. Just as cheerful as its ‘older sibling’, Kohai translates Wakai’s tagline Cheers for Life! into the whimsy of childhood: Let’s Play!. The Kohai collection is guaranteed to complete the excitement of youth. With Kohai, every day is a new adventure!

Wakai is an in-house fashion brand by Metroxgroup that fits the lifestyle of the young and dynamic individuals. It smartly creates well-tailored shoes, clothing and accessories, all fused with colorful Japanese details. The stores of which also carry some other brands.

The little things she needs is a fashionable in-house brand by Metroxgroup catering affordable footwear, bags and accessories for girls and women. A sense of effortless French chic is imbued in the extensive collection the brand carries in the market.